Over 1,000 attend healthy food feast in Yunnan's Dali

By Li Yingqing in Kuming and Zheng Caixiong | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2023-02-28 10:44
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A grand healthy feast organized in the ancient Weishan county in Dali of Yunnan province attracted tourists and locals on Sunday.

A total of 1,128 diners on 118 tables enjoyed local delicious dishes and sensed Weishan's traditional culture in toasting folk songs and welcoming suona (a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument).

The special feast was the first event during the 10th China Dali Weishan Snack Festival, with the second feast to be held on Saturday, according to the county.

The feast included 15 local special dishes specially prepared and cooked by local chefs.

As one of the two "Hometowns of Chinese Famous Snacks", Weishan's snacks, known as the "living fossil" of national diet, have variety, exquisite workmanship, unique flavor and a long history and culture.

The special feast, which has been held as part of the snack festival since 2011, has now become popular among locals and tourists.

The dishes for the feast made of local characteristic food ingredients are tasty and nutritious.

The choice of dishes, the tables and chairs made of thin bamboo strips for the feast, plus the characteristic toasting culture, all have strong local cultural elements.

Ding Hongtao, Party chief of Weishan county, said his county would combine inheritance and innovation and vigorously build the special feast brand to promote local catering culture and ethnic cuisine in the months to come.

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